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With over 30 years of field experience, Captive Audience offers an array of security, travel, self-defense, firearms, and survival courses designed to develop the skills needed to maintain situational awareness and survive in kidnapping, extortion, active shooter, natural disaster, and crisis situations at home and abroad.

Our Credentials

Established by a retired army special forces operator with specialized training and experience in personnel recovery, CAPTaRT is comprised of a team with three decades of experience in defense, intelligence, SERE, travel/personnel/facility security, counter terrorism, personnel recovery, infiltration/exfiltration, critical incident stress management, risk and threat assessments, and many more skills crucial to the company’s mission to eradicate violence perpetrated against travelers.


Classes & Training

Captive Audience specializes in training NGO employees, missionaries, humanitarian aid workers, journalists, airline crews, medical crews, and anyone traveling to dangerous areas, in situational awareness and survival skills to ensure they return home after a safe trip. We offer a multi-tiered approach, which allows clients to customize the training option that truly suits their needs.

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