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360 Situational Awareness

This course is designed to teach students situational awareness while at home, at work, in public, on travel, at hotels, and on public transit.

Decision Making

Decision making skills aren't just necessary in a crisis, but are key to ensuring our students are putting themselves in the best situation. 

Spotting the Warning Signs

We will outline some common signals that could be a tip off that trouble is nearby. These signals will also ensure that our students are staying aware.

Traveler Safety Basics


Security is Not Enough

Having a security team does not make you invincible. It is important to understand the limitations of your security so you can put yourself and your detail in the best position to be safe. 

Security-Minded Decision Making

There are many everyday decisions that can contribute to your safety and security. 

Becoming a Hard Target

There are steps that can be taken in preparation and execution of a trip abroad that can ensure that you stay a difficult target. In the end, it is up to you to ensure your own safety. 

Business Trip Prep


Family Defense

Self defense looks very differently when you are accounting for children then when you are by yourself.

Run, Hide, Fight

There are times to be brave and there are times to be smart. Make sure you are smart about your self defense and brave when necessary.



Active Shooter

A terrifying reality of our time. Preparedness and awareness will be key if this unfortunate situation ever occurs. 

Common Kidnapping

In this course, you will learn the psychology of captivity and survival and combine aspects of our other lessons to prepare you.

Natural Disasters

Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and more are possible. Each coming with their own warning signs and safety procedures.

Emergency Situations


Hailing A Rescue

Course Description


Course Description

Setting Up A Base

Course Description


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