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Resident Jack of All Trades

Executive Protection &

Operations Expert

As the Chief Operations Officer of Captive Audience, Check Freedman comes with decades of operational experience including Executive Protection of clients in overseas locations, surveillance, counter surveillance, survival, evasion, resistance, escape, armed and unarmed combat.

Instructor, Consultant, SME

Since 1995, Check has been an instructor and an instructor trainer for local, state, and federal law enforcement and has taught anti and counter terrorism, facility security, survival, evasion, resistance, escape, and unarmed combat to police and federal agents. Check has been a consultant and subject matter expert for counter and anti homicide and human trafficking at the local and federal level. Her job has included surveillance, counter surveillance, instruction, and worldwide operations. Check has written and conducted countless scenario-based training exercises for joint-agency law enforcement and has functioned as a director, evaluator, instructor, role-player, and moulage artist. Her post-exercise debriefs have served to change and shape operational policies going forward.


Counter-Narcotics & Human-Trafficking Expert

Check has considerable experience dealing with the problem of domestic and international drug trafficking and has helped to shape both prevention and response measures in Washington DC. Her investigative analytics and unique methodologies have led to a change in standard operating procedures. Check was able to penetrate drug and human trafficking rings and to analyze the correlation between the two crimes. Check's research, fieldwork, and analysis produced the ability to forecast linkages and movements between narcotics and slaves and aided in developing the prevention measures currently in place.

Personnel Recovery & Hostage Negotiation Expert

In the last decade, Check has become a subject matter expert and field operative in personnel recovery and hostage negotiation. Her extensive experience overseas makes her a leader in cross cultural communication and diplomacy. Check's unique and often unorthodox solutions to hostage situations are often grounded in using cultural norms and expectations to her advantage.

Crisis Management, Critical Incident Stress Response Debriefer

With over 500 successful Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) responses under her belt, Check has extensive experience helping people in crisis - from hostage situations to suicide threats to grief and trauma processing.

During every crisis response incident throughout the years, Check has pulled tools from her expertise in three disciplines: critical incident stress management, hostage negotiations, and operational tradecraft. Check’s Hostage Negotiation Principles for Life course combines all three disciplines and their applicable components into one product, built to equip teams and individuals with the crisis-response tools and skills to protect themselves and others. In a further effort to challenge and equip a wide variety of people, Check has also authored five books centering on building resilience, critical thinking, and crisis response skills.


Jack of All Trades, Master of Everything

Check is a Technical Scuba Diver, a Multi-Engine Instrument Pilot, Crisis Hostage Negotiator, Private Investigator, Private Detective, Certified Missing and Exploited Child Investigator, Locksmith, Critical Incident Stress Debriefer, Emergency Medical Response Instructor, Search and Rescue Ground Team Leader, Technical Writer, and Facility/Personnel/Travel Security Specialist, and firearms instructor. Check holds Black Belt and/or instructor rank in eleven Martial Arts styles and is currently training in her fifteenth style.


Check is currently the NHQ, Senior Program Manager for Critical Incident Stress Management and Resiliency for the United States Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol).


Published Author​

Check is the author of 365 Days of Survival, Survival Ready, The Official John Wayne Handy Book of Bushcraft, Revealing the Relevant Word, and Tactical Faith.

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