Private Investigative Services

Our recovery team has four and half total decades of experience working complex, international personnel recovery issues and cases. We are subject matter experts in Presidential Policy Directive 30 (PPD-30) which is for U.S. Nationals Taken Hostage Abroad and Personnel Recovery Efforts. We are diplomacy, recovery, and search and rescue professionals who seamlessly coordinate with and advise local military and law enforcement who are dealing with a hostage situation in their territory. We not only handle hostage situations but also wrongful (illegal) detention. We are hostage negotiators, critical incident stress managers, and can handle post-incident crisis support. 


On our team, we have hostage negotiators, trauma-informed mental health clinicians, critical incident stress management, technical scuba divers, pilots, and medical response instructors with operational experience in Central and South America, North Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, the South Pacific, and the Middle East. We are absolutely comfortable working with foreign partners and US government agencies. We are used to operating in vague, ambiguous, and uncertain situations that require more than a cookie cutter response.