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Billy Jensen



Retired Green Beret;

Hostage Recovery Expert

Billy Jensen is a proven Personnel (Hostage) Recovery Professional and honorably retired Special Forces Soldier (Green Beret) with expertise in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Eastern and Western Europe, South Korea and North Africa. Billy has over a decade of experience coordinating strategic and tactical level joint service, and inter agency responses during attempts to recover captured, missing, detained or isolated military personnel and friendly civilians from non-governmental organizations, the press, and other civilian entities.

International Anti-Kidnapping Expert; Combat Medic

Billy is an expert on Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 30 “US Persons Kidnapped Abroad” and has worked at the interagency as well as at the tactical, and host nation level coordinating efforts to bring people home. These efforts included supporting crisis management and planning at the senior executive level as well as at the tactical level. Billy also spent his first eight years in the Army as a Combat Medic specializing in emergency and field medicine.

Crisis Management Expert; Hostage Negotiator

Billy specializes in planning and providing crisis management support for complex personnel recovery cases including crisis planning and operational support to the recovery of persons or groups from politically unstable or politically restricted areas. Many of these planning responses included dealing with complex medical planning issues, potential psychological barriers, and challenges caused by conflict and war. Billy has been trained as a crisis (hostage) negotiator as well as Critical Incident Stress Management Debriefer and Team Member.


Billy’s training gives him the skills required to provide crisis support consultation to families, corporations, or government agencies on personnel recovery cases, as well as providing assistance to US and host nation law enforcement or military units involved in the potential resolution of a personnel recovery event.

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