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Life-Saving Supplies Delivered | Operation Caffeinated Vikings

Updated: May 4, 2022

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity as Captive Audience continues to aid and support multiple communities in Ukraine. We are proud to have delivered more life-saving supplies and continue our remote support, even as we seek to provide in-person aid through Operation Caffeinated Vikings.

Food, Clothing, Survival Gear, & 100 IFAKs Delivered!

We sent a team member, Steve, to Ukraine and he was able to deliver 100 IFAKs (individual first aid kits), 250 people’s worth of food, survival gear, and warm clothing to Ben, a pastoral candidate who is running emergency shelters in two areas.

Before Steve left, we trained him in TCCC (tactical combat casualty care) and he, in turn, was able to train others when he arrived.

While on the ground, Steve was also able to meet with several of the groups Captive Audience is supporting through Operation Caffeinated Vikings, assessing needs and gathering critical information Captive Audience needs to figure out the best way to continue supporting and equipping communities in and around Ukraine.

During his stay, Steve had the privilege of speaking to soldiers and civilians and hearing their stories of heroism, bravery, tragedy, and loss. These stories continue to inspire and drive Captive Audience's support for Ukraine and its brave people during this devastating time.

Continuing to Serve Requests for Aid Across the Board

Due to Captive Audience's history and connections, our team continues to be uniquely positioned at the crossroads of many groups including churches, orphanages, government agencies, government contractors, civilians, soldiers, medical staff, and citizens of the rest of the world. As the junction between so many different entities, we have the privilege of serving many requests and meeting the needs of many communities and organizations.

For one such request, Captive Audience is coordinating with local Ukrainian communities and officials to provide lists of missing and deceased people to a US government contracting company. These records are vital to providing accountability and documentation of Russian atrocities and war crimes. Through compiling evidence and giving it to the proper authorities, we come one step closer to bringing justice to Ukrainians who have been murdered and kidnapped during the Russian invasion.

With every new group that comes to us for help, Captive Audience works to use our expertise and connections to solve problems on the ground and supply information to critical areas. The longer this crisis goes on, the deeper and wider our network grows -- giving us more tools and connections to meet needs as they arise.

Generous Donation: Fire Starters for Ukraine

Captive Audience received another generous donation of micro fire starters from Grim Workshop.

These little tools have a pocket-sized Ferro rod and striker to spark a fire. Fire is vital to so many medical and survival situations, these tools are amazing and people love them.

Thank you Grim Workshop!

We thank our generous donors and continue our mission to raise funds to deploy our team in person to meet needs face-to-face. Below are just a handful of the requests we've received.


Continued Requests for In-Person Aid


Requests for aid and Captive Audience to provide boots-on-the-ground training and support to several different areas continue to pour in across the board.

From the Zaporizhia Oblast, Captive Audience has been asked to help provide physical protection and possible safe passage support for an orphanage in Novopetrivka.

Training and Security for Refugees

Captive Audience has received multiple requests from refugee communities and those who support them to provide safety and security training to help protect against the rising reports of violence against refugees fleeing into Western Europe.

Requests for Protective Equipment

From another angle, requests for protective armor continue to pour in since the deadly attack on Lviv.

As one of Ukraine's largest and westernmost cities, Lviv has served as a transportation hub and major way-point for refugees fleeing the war. Due to its position, Lviv also largely escaped the devastating bombings and missile strikes experienced by other Ukrainian cities.

However, the relative peace of the city was shattered when Russian missiles slammed into the city on 18 April (Monday), leaving 7 people dead and 11 others wounded -- including one child.

As Russia continues to prove no city is safe in Ukraine, people continue to seek out safety and survival skills and equipment provided by Captive Audience.

CISM Training to Prevent PTSD

On yet another front, our physical presence is also being repeatedly requested so Captive Audience’s team can provide critical incident stress management (CISM) as well as medical response and training in person -- rather than via Zoom.

CISM training is a powerful tool to help prevent symptoms of PTSD and is needed now more than ever as the mental health crisis looms large. So many people from Ukraine are struggling to make sense of the massive devastation, displacement, and violence they've experienced over the past two months.

Captive Audience can help.

If you'd like to be a part of Operation Caffeinated Vikings - providing in-person support to Ukraine, donate below.

Every dollar counts. You can make a difference.


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