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Ukraine, One Month In | Operation Caffeinated Vikings

Updated: May 4, 2022

A month into the Russian invasion into Ukraine, Captive Audience continues to provide remote support to Ukrainian communities and refugees by combating disinformation, providing humanitarian aid, safe passage support, and pre-deployment training for aid workers.

Combating disinformation, providing humanitarian aid, safe passage support, and pre-deployment training

For the last week, Captive Audience has continued to provide remote support for Ukrainians, and those deploying to assist during this crisis. Again and again, due to our skill set and history in the region, we find ourselves uniquely positioned to be able to give crucial information to US-based ministries and NGO's conducting humanitarian aid missions to Ukraine in Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. With our help they are able to separate real stories from conspiracy theories, move around with some level of freedom, stay safe, and understand what to expect.

We have rendered Critical Incident Stress Management to Ukrainian pastors who are overwhelmed with the task of looking after their flocks in the midst of this brutal war. In one case, just a few days ago, a pastor was killed on a humanitarian aid convoy mission and those who witnessed it found their way to us for help.

We have participated in pre-deployment training for aid workers, pastors and humanitarian relief convoy drivers. Captive Audience is currently developing strategies and operating procedures to combat the increase in human trafficking and kidnappings for ransom within Ukraine and bordering countries. We are also training and supporting various churches and ministries in the affected area on Russia's indiscriminate use of force and how best to protect themselves.

We are being supported by our own PhD psychologist in Tennessee and are still working with our Ukrainian psychologist who is now in Poland.

We watched Biblica give birth to a new Ukrainian translation of the Bible now available on their app in both iOS and Android. We wrote a book on self-reliance and disaster response focusing on types of disasters, shelter-in-place needs, bug-out needs and resilience planning.

Thank you for your continued support!

We are so grateful to receive a second donation of medical trauma supplies and are now arranging the movement of two pallets from Illinois to Romania.

We received a generous donation of survival supplies from Grim Workshop including: fire starters, fishing gear, water purification tablets, water bags, rain ponchos, USB chargers, small first aid kits, hunting implements, solar chargers and sundry medical supplies.

Continued Requests for Aid

On top of continued requests to provide boots-on-the-ground aid and training, we continue to receive requests for funds, medical gear, and personal protective equipment and safe passage from Russian-controlled areas.

If you would like to be apart of our mission to bring boots-on-the ground support and medical aid to Ukrainians, check out Operation Caffeinated Vikings!


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